Monday, February 9, 2015

1,000 Gifts

Faith thanks God in the middle of the mess, faith thanks God in the middle of the night, faith thanks God in the middle of the story -- because it believes in the relentless goodness of Him who will not stop writing till there's good at the end of this story.

3103. Zantigos after church
3104. Going to the grocery store
3105. Pre-Super Bowl bowling
3106. Whit coming in and saying "I brought my twinsie pajamas just for you!"
3107. Sunday night games of Boggle
3108. Rock climbing with the cousins and brothers
3109. Dinner with Danielle, Mrs. Wiessner, and Mom
3110. Playing rummy after dinner
3111. Homemade apple pie
3112. Bowling with Phil and Jess
3114. Starbucks with Ella after school
3115. Playing Old Maid with the girls
3116. Family dinner
3117. Celebrating a brother
3119. A night with my nanny kiddos

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