{The Girl Behind the Camera}

Well, hello there! Thanks for stopping by...

I'm Meagan and I'm a photographer in the Twin Cities area. 

I love taking pictures of people: professionals, families, children, babies, and high school seniors. 

I love photographing events and the idea of telling a story through photos. I love the thought of recording history with the click of a shutter. 

I love missions photography. Because no address on earth can bar out God's glory, and a camera can break any language barrier.

I love the time spent behind my MacBook Pro post-processing images almost as much as I enjoy the time spent behind my Canon 5D Mark II (affectionately known as Ross) creating images.

I love the Institute of Photographic Studies (IPS). Nearly everything I know about photography, I have learned by spending some epic weeks with their awesome instructors. 

Besides photography, I absolutely adore my family, which consists of my dad, mom, three older brothers, sister-in-law, two adorable nieces, and a playful miniature poodle. 

I'm convinced that I'm blessed with the best friends in the world.

I finished school in May of 2012. I graduated with a degree in Communications/Journalism. It was pure insanity, studying like crazy, and incredible grace, all rolled into 21 amazing months.

I am a life-long Minnesotan and life doesn’t get much better than spending a weekend up North gazing up into millions of stars shining through Pine Trees that reach up to the sky, or taking a boat ride and feeling the spray pelt your face.

I love seasons and the rhythm they bring to life...the wonder of spring, the spontaneity of summer, the crispness of autumn, and the beauty of winter.

I love adventure and going new places. But sometimes, nothing beats coming home. 

I love finding beauty in everyday life…kayaking, homemade pies, laughing with friends, a day of skiing, getting lost in a good book, writing, a cup of Starbucks coffee, vintage cameras, road trips, beautiful music, a bonfire on an autumn evening, little girls dancing, fresh flowers on the sill, brilliant sunsets. Grace is everywhere.

All these things make life rich and beautiful. But what makes life worth living is that there is a God who loved me so much He died for me. That is amazing.