Wednesday, February 11, 2015

#WanschurasHopThePond: Paris, Part 2

Our first (and only) full day in Paris started at Notre Dame. 

We had a one day travel card that allowed us to use the tube system, but since we only had one day in the city, we mostly just walked around. We couldn't have asked for better weather.

 A friend of mine who had visited Paris earlier in the year had told me that if we were going to visit the Louvre, we should definitely buy tickets in advance. When we saw the line, we were glad we had taken her advice!

The Mona Lisa

I had printed out a list of the top things you should see in Paris when you're only going to be there for a day. The lines were so long at most of the places though, that we decided to just meander our way through the city and not worry about seeing everything.

The walk from the Louvre to the Arc de Triumph was gorgeous

We ate pastries for breakfast and lunch. Oh my, so so good. Sometimes I crave them Especially the macarons and the chocolate beignets. The croissants fresh out of the oven were pretty tasty too. Oh, and the crepes. :)

And then we came across the cutest little cupcake shop, so of course we had to stop and try one.

The Arc De Triumph

Golden Hour on the Seine 

We headed back to the Eiffel Tower to get some shots of it in the day time.

After the sun set, we joined the masses and made the ride up to the top of the tower. What a view!

We finished the evening with a last look at the Arc de Triumph and some more pastries. :)

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