Monday, February 15, 2016

1,000 Gifts

"You've got to taste His love. You've got to grab a pen and count gifts. You've got to look for the glory and seize the beauty in ugly and laugh brave and defiant in the dark. And you can lose everything, but nothing can steal Jesus, and He is enough."

4128. Sunday naps
4129. Sunday night dinner with the fam
4130. Playing games together
4131. Snow days
4132. Braving the blizzard to go to a movie
4133. The way the snow sparkles in the sun
4134. The new season of Downton Abbey
4135. Tickets booked to visit the roomie
4136. Parents who get up for early morning airport runs
4137. Reuniting with friends
4138. Dinner with the Pallocks
4139. Chats with Leah
4140. Staying in a "tree house"
4141. Hot tubs
4142. Waffles with nutella and strawberries
4143. Devotions together
4144. Good coffee + good friends
4145. Exploring new places
4146. Homemade ice cream
4147. Walking the river walk
4148. Breakfast with Rachel and Micah
4149. Touring the capitol
4150. Catching up with Emily
4151. Sunshine and t-shirts and flip flops
4152. The big-sky Texas sunset on our drive back to Dallas
4153. Lunch with Laura after church
4154. Ecuador memories
4155. Mission trip friends...I'm convinced they're some of the best people you'll ever meet
4156. Window seats
4157. {Compassion in Ecuador}
4158. GE prayer meeting
4159. New recipes
4160. A new little girl to sponsor
4161. A good deal on some needed camera equipment
4162. Coffee with Allie
4163. Ella hugs
4164. Valentine cookies
4165. Brian on his birthday

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