Friday, July 10, 2015

1,000 Gifts

"It's joy of the small that can make life large..."

3433. Ella May on her 8th birthday
3434. Celebrating at Culvers
3435. Strawberry picking
3436. Paddle boarding and a walk around Lake Calhoun with Marie
3437. The annual pedicure and lunch with Mom
3438. Thrift store finds
3439. Making pies with Danielle
3440. Good friends
3441. Catching up with Nikkia
3442. Cornhole tournaments
3443. Strawberry sauce over ice cream
3444. The smell of BBQ
3445. An Independence Day bike ride with family
3446. Riding through the city
3447. A stop at Bridgeman's for some ice cream
3448. Men brave enough to pledge their lives, fortunes, and sacred honor
3449. Strawberry pie on the Fourth of July
3450. Dinner on the deck
3451. A brother's surprise visit
3452. The whole family having dinner together for the first time in six months
3453. Celebrating Mom's sixtieth
3454. {this poem}
3455. Having Dan home for Monday night softball
3456. Playing games with little people
3457. Coffee and a walk around Lake Nokomis with Priscilla and Alyssa
3458. A day with the little girlies
3459. Bracelets from Ella
3460. Facials with Dana
3461. A day of last-minute errands with mom
3462. Dinner with the family at B-52
3463. Cribbage games
3464. Girls night

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