Monday, June 29, 2015

1,000 Gifts

|| vacations are more than vacations. Vacations are the act of grabbing minutes and hours and days with both hands, stealing against the inevitability of time. I want to sock away memories like gold coins because I'm going to need them someday to get me through the years. There will be a day when our family as we know it will no longer exist, and I want to know in that moment that I wasn't at the office or doing dishes when I could have been walking on the dock with my dad, when I could have been drinking tea and eating ginger cookies on the porch with my mom. I don't want to be building my bank account or my dream house, when I could be making crackers and cheese for dinner because we were on the boat till way after the shops closed, sunburnt and sandy and windblown, and happier there and together than anywhere else with anyone else || 

3408. {You are worthy to be praised, with my every thought and deed...}
3409. Dad on Father's Day
3410. Corn hole after dinner
3411. Eating shish-kabobs outside
3412. {He has not left you without a kinsman redeemer}
3413. {History is like a tapestry}
3414. A perfect summer night watching softball
3415. Working on a surprise with the little girls
3416.  Watching Luke play baseball
3417. Newborn portraits
3418. Sleeping in
3419. Friday night taco buffet at the Blacksmith
3420. Bonfires
3421. Heads thrown back in laughter
3422. Wind-blown hair during boat rides
3423. Tubing with the girls
3424. "King of the raft"
3425. Firework fun
3426. Late night games with just the big people
3427. S'mores
3428. Crackers and cheese for lunch
3429. Together time
3430. Getting the perfect photo
3431. Video chatting with Dan
3432. A beautiful, sunny weekend

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  1. Wow Meagan! The quote is just perfect!! I do so enjoy these posts :)