Wednesday, December 3, 2014

#WanschurasHopThePond: London Part 3

We started Wednesday at Shakespeare's Globe Theatre. I didn't know before visiting, but it's actually the third Globe Theatre that has been built in London.  It's built in the same style as the first one, however, so it was pretty cool to see. 

 "All the world's a stage, and all the men and women merely players..."

After the Globe, we took a stroll by the River Thames.

White rocks on the moss covered wall = perfect for writing out our hashtag for the trip!

After a quick lunch at a little sandwich cafe, we toured the Dickens' Museum.

Charles Dickens' writing desk

Dan and I were in the play "Oliver!" several Summers ago, so it was fun to see this famous line painted on one of the walls in the house.

Dickens used to perform dramatic readings of his work to live audiences.

His bedroom

Wednesday afternoon brought us to what was perhaps our most anticipated stop in London. I'm pretty sure it was the whole reason we ever started talking about visiting London in the first place. For as long as I can remember, my brother and I have been Sherlock Holmes fans. We've watched the old movies. We've watched the new movies. We've made our own movies. We've read the books. We've listened to the radio shows. We've seen plays. We've watched the TV shows. I guess you could say that we're hooked on Doyle's famous detective. 

As we emerged from the Baker Street underground station, we were greeted by this statue of the super sleuth himself.

There it is - the famed 221 B Baker Street.

Sherlock's study was set up just as I always pictured it when reading the novels. A room with large windows, and a fire place, cluttered with books, busts, pipes, newspaper clippings, and of course, a violin in the corner.

Sitting in Sherlock Holmes' study in Baker Street? Dream come true!

Dr. Watson's study

The upper two levels of the house display small artifacts from the various stories, along with small portions of the story. 

"The name is Sherlock Holmes. And the address is 221b Baker Street."

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