Monday, December 1, 2014

1,000 Gifts

"If anyone would tell you the shortest, surest way to all happiness—he must tell you to make it a rule to yourself to thank and praise God for everything that happens to you. For it is certain that whatever seeming calamity happens to you, if you thank and praise God for it, you turn it into a blessing."

2767. A Sunday afternoon run
2768. Family birthday dinner
2769. Dad on his birthday
2770. An automatic car starter from the bros
2771. Birthday cards
2772. Mockingjay take 2 (and 3!)
2773. Safe driving on slippery roads
2774. Two little nieces sleeping on my bedroom floor
2775. The smell of fresh baked bread
2776. In the kitchen, making Thanksgiving dinner with mom
2777. An afternoon nap
2778. Turkey skin :)
2779. Gluten-free thanksgiving rolls
2780. Family sitting around a full thanksgiving table
2781. Michelle home for Thanksgiving
2782. Mercies that are new every morning
2783. Black Friday shopping with family
2784. The familiar ring of "silver bells"
2785. Family game night
2786. Putting Christmas decorations up
2787. Christmas music
2788. Saturday night cribbage with Dad, Mom, and Andy

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