Monday, November 3, 2014

1,000 Gifts

"The hard things will be for good, the good things will be forever, 
the best things are forthcoming."

2705. Pad Thai for dinner
2706. Helping Grace with her science project
2707. A visit with Danielle
2708. Vitamin-C
2709. {waiting}
2710. A chat with Dan
2711. October baseball
2712. An afternoon with the girlies
2713. Perfect running weather
2714. {Lift your eyes up on high...}
2715. Cribbage with the family
2716. Halloween movie night
2717. {A sermon re-listened to}
2718. {But let him who glories glory in this...}
2719. Errands and lunch with mom
2720. An extra hour of sleep

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