Monday, October 27, 2014

1,000 Gifts

"Joy's a flame in the palm of the open and humble. Clench the hand tight, point fingers to self, and this snuffs out joy."

2660. Pumpkins on the steps
2661. Leaves falling down
2663. Geese flying south in the late autumn sky
2664. Warm apple crisp with vanilla ice cream
2665. Watching World Series Baseball
2666. The traditional "airport lunch money" from Mom
2667. Time at the airport to edit photos
2668. A drive through some lovely Ohio countryside
2669. Passion 4 Christ Summit!
2670. Arriving at P4C and seeing three lovely friends walking up the steps
2671. The providence of God
2672. Singing together
2673. Good conversations
2674. Spending time with dear friends
2675. And meeting some new ones
2676. Knowing that God will do whatever it takes to bring us safely home
2677. Volleyball
2678. Kayaking with Haylee
2689. A hike through the woods
2690. Zipline-ing!
2691. Tacky Christmas dinner
2692. "Lunch with Jesus"
2693. Christ coming and offering His life as a sacrifice for His bride
2694. Looking up into the night sky
2695. S'mores
2696. Story time around the campfire
2697. Singing around the fire
2698. A masquerade party
2699. Late night talks and laughs
2700. The volunteers and staff that made P4C possible
2701. A quick Starbucks detour on the way to the airport
2702. Having Victoria on my flight to MSP...making the airport wait much more enjoyable
2703. "He plants His footsteps in the sea and rides upon the storm"
2704. Family and a little puppy picking me up at the airport

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