Monday, July 29, 2013

1,000 Gifts

"Our life is passing like a hand waving from the back of a train and every choice determines whether you are on the right track. It all matters."

1514. Box seats at the Twins game
1515. A cool breeze on a hot summer day
1516. Dinner on the deck
1517. Chilling at the DQ after a couple of Normans victories
1518. The giggles of happy little girls jumping on the trampline with "Grampy"
1519. {This}
1520. The two little ladies sleeping on my bedroom floor
1521. Mementos from Thailand found while packing for Mexico
1522. Strawberry pie
1523. Girls flying through the air, giggling on the swings at Como Zoo
1524. A picnic lunch
1525. Pie in a jar
1526. Dippin Dots on a hot summer day
1527. Dinner at Chipotle with Mom and Dan
1528. Music Found
1529. Cool night air blowing through the open windows
1530. Old Glory
1531. Those who pledged their lives, fortunes, and sacred honors
1532. Hanging out with family and friends on the Fourth
1533. Bare feet in the grass, and a volleyball shooting back and forth overhead
1534. Fireworks bursting through the night sky
1535. Airport lunch money from Mom
1536. Boarding passes
1537. A flying buddy
1538. The view of the mountains from BPS - it never gets old
1539. The Jimenez Family
1540. {He who promised is faithful}
1541. Calls from home
1542. Memories of BPS past
1543. An afternoon with the DeRaps
1544. Music with Mia
1545. Texting with Allie
1546. Faith is the victory that overcomes the world!
1547. {Psalm 121}
1548. Ice breaking
1549. Taking the "fun" road home from church
1550. {Sufficient grace}
1551. Apples and peanut butter
1552. Ping-pong with Mia
1553. Play by play of the Normans game from Mom
1554. Sweeping up dust
1555. Joy letting me borrow "One Thousand Gifts"
1556. Andy being okay after getting hit by a deer
1557. Ironing out wrinkles
1558. A trip to the Dairy Queen
1559. An afternoon to read, rest, and catch up on some work
1560. A God who changes plans
1561. The map of the world in the BPS game room
1562. The rhythmic hum of the fan keeping the room cool
1563. Listening to Mr. Jarvis' stories
1564. Miss Betty
1565. My Mom on her birthday!
1566. Free food at Chick-fil-A!
1567. The Normandale group coming in!
1568. Overlooking Juarez
1569. Singing and testimonies on the bus
1570. Safety when the bus broke down
1571. Vanessa rescuing us from our flat
1572. Homemade cinnamon rolls
1573. Backrubs from Dena
1574. {"Leaving Your Spirit till the work on earth is done."}
1575. Meeting our Mexican church
1576. Mr. Taylor's reminder that God uses the unlikeliest of people to accomplish His will
1577. {God is the strength of my heart}
1578. {We are more than conquerors}
1579. Walking the streets of Juarez, Mexico, knowing that the Gospel makes a difference
1580. Miss Ofelia's homemade pizza
1581. {Why should I gain from His reward? I cannot give an answer, but this I know with all my heart, His wounds have paid my ransom}
1582. God holding off rain clouds
1583. {Proverbs 15:11}
1584. Lunch with our Mexican church
1585. Two huge meetings
1586. The raw beauty of Juarez
1587. Friends and family who pray
1588. Raiding the freezer for ice cream sandwiches
1589. Countertop chats
1590. Photography encouragement from Mrs. Taylor
1591. A drive with Vanessa
1592. El Taco Tote with Mr. Winn and the sumer workers
1593. A goodbye visit with the Jimenez Family
1594. Vanilla from Hector and Ofelia
1595. Ping-ping Pong-pong until 2 AM my last night at BPS
1596. Another chance to spend some of my summer working alongside amazing, humble servants of God
1597. Soaking up the last El Paso rays and enjoying Starbucks
1598. One last look across the border, and seeing this message in big letters: "City of Juarez, the Bible is truth. Read it."
1599. Window seats and winging it home
1600. Seeing my family...and my puppy. :)
1601. Green grass
1602. Mexican food for dinner my first night home
1603. Seeing the Vander Hamms at church!
1604. Bocce ball at Arcos
1605. Good games of Maffia
1606. Waking up to thunderstorms
1607. Softball victories
1608. Bees buzzing among vibrants bunches of flowers
1609. A long afternoon walk on a perfect Summer day
1610. Music floating through open windows
1611. Fresh daisies on the table
1612. Little girls in flower fields
1613. Garden fresh cucumbers
1614. A brush with Joe Mauer after the birth of his twin daughters
1615. Peter Pan play with Ella
1616. Cabin weekend!
1617. Rainy afternoon corn hole tournaments
1618. Late nights playing Spot-it, Guess Who, and Wizard
1619. Older brothers
1620. The Andersons watching Mopsy

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