Monday, June 3, 2013

1,000 Gifts

“Yes, time flies. But I don’t want to stop it. I want to climb on its back and soak up every inch of the scenery. I want to drink in the laughter, the tears, the blue skies, and the torrential rains that this world has to offer. For when the cosmic clock is finally grounded, I will climb off its back, grateful for the wild and wonderful (full-of-wonder) ride. Don’t miss one bit of the ride due to fear or regret. For the day is coming when the tarnish of time will be removed  from us all. And underneath will be revealed the beauty, the creativity, the wonder, the whimsy, and the perfected love that was imprinted on our souls from the very foundations of the universe.”

1430. The sacrifice of soldiers
1431. Corn hole
1432. Almond bars
1433. Computer help from Phil
1434. Group Chat with Wallis, Carissa, and Hannah
1435. The friends I've made through IPS
1436. Catch up time with the Hall girls
1437. Dinner with Mom and Mrs. McNamara
1438. Showing people the Thailand video
1439. The sun finally.shining.
1440. Dairy Queen
1441. Shooting my second wedding
1442. Dan shooting with me
1443. Rain holding off until after the wedding
1444. Roadtripping it with Dan to Matt's wedding (two weddings in one day!)
1445. The sunset on the way home from Detroit Lakes

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