Monday, April 15, 2013

1,000 Gifts

"Keep the focus simply on ChristWalk Forward. Keep company with Christ. Love always. Bend low. Christ is redeeming everything."

1273. The whole family going out to Sawatdee
1274. Trying new foods with the family :)
1275. Andy coming up the stairs with "Memory"...yes, we all played. :)
1276. "Just one more game" of Spot-It with Andy
1277. Tulips poking through the ground
1278. The sound of thunder
1279. Bri brushing this April snow off my car
1280. Giggling little girls around the lunch table
1281. Fresh tulips on the table-I guess if it's not springy outside, we can at least have a few reminders inside
1282. Dad coming to work and driving my overheating, exhaust-billowing-out-of-both-ends car home, so I didn't have to
1283. Road-tripping it to Milwaukee
1284. Antiquing with Mom
1285. Finding the "Mother-load" of vintage clothes...way out of my price range, but so fun to look at
1286. Frozen yogurt for lunch
1287. Beautiful Lake Michigan
1288. Listening to Nikkia's recital
1289. Hanging out at Nikkia's beautiful Milwaukee house
1290. A traditional late night game of Wizard (with Nikkia, Jessimine, Mom, and Julia)
1291. Dad fixing my car...
1992...and doing my taxes


  1. Wow. Thanks Meg. Your opening paragraph(is that the right word???) was so helpful to me today! Keep up the blogging; to read is to be encouraged.

  2. Thanks, Brad. Glad it was an encouragement. I can't take credit for the quote though, it was from Ann Voskamp's blog "A Holy Experience"