Saturday, March 3, 2012

Winter Is For...

Some light reading. :)

I am in the process of writing my Biblical Worldview Research paper for Verity. I have been loving the reading I've been doing for it!


  1. Great reading list! "Don't Waste Your Life" is absolutely wonderful!
    What's your degree?

  2. Thanks, Lilya! :) My degree is in communications. The paper I'm writing is about how to best communicate the Gospel. In the paper I"m taking a look at how other Christians have used their lives to effectively communicate the Gospel message.

  3. Fantastic! I'm just interested because I (being a senior) am exploring possible colleges/degrees as well. Do you use College Plus?

  4. I'm actually enrolled in Verity Institute, although I also looked into College Plus when I was making my decision. Verity has worked well for me. I really like the fact that it is very scheduled. I think that if the schedule would have been left up to me, I would not have gone through the program so quickly.