Thursday, July 14, 2011

Today I Feel...

Ready to go

For those of you who don't know, early Saturday morning, I'm boarding a plane headed down to El Paso, TX, to serve with the ministry Bearing Precious Seed. I will be down there a week, working in the print shop, and traveling across the border into Juarez, Mexico to spread the Word of God to the people there. If you think of it, I would appreciate your prayers. Pray that the team that is going down would be able to impact the city of Juarez for eternity. My blog will be quiet next week but I can't wait to share pictures and stories when I get back.

"You said, 'ask and you will receive whatever you need.' You said, 'pray and I'll hear from Heaven and
I'll heal your land.' You said, 'Your glory will fill the earth like water the seas.' You said,
 'lift up your eyes the harvest is here, the kingdom is near.'You said, 'ask and I'll give the nations to you.'
 O Lord, that's the cry of my heart. Distant shores and the islands will see Your light as it rises on us."  

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