Friday, December 31, 2010

A Look Back...

Today we bid farewell to 2010. It has been a full year (a very, very full year). It has been a year marked with joys and pains, and jam-packed with moments - ordinary, amazing moments that make life so extraordinarily beautiful. 2010 has also marked the beginning of my photographic journey. In April I headed down to San Antonio, TX for two weeks of intensive training with the Institute of Photographic Studies. I realized I would most likely return home either loving photography or hating it. I loved it! Although there were definitely portions I liked more than others, I really did enjoy every minute at IPS. In June, I started my blog, this past week, I unveiled my new website, and well, you pretty much know the rest. I've shot babies, kids, familieschurch events, and even a wedding. I did a shoot for a DVD cover, and for a billboard. There have been times I have thought, "there is absolutely no way I can do school full time and try to start a business." There have been times where I have felt immensely stretched, as well as times of refreshment. Among other things I have felt random, excited, grateful, up in the air, hopeful, ready for change, the need to refocus, and confident... Mostly though, I have stood in wonder of the beauty that always surrounds me and grateful for the grace that freely pours down from God. It is that beauty and grace that sustains me. Looking back on 2010, I can say that things haven't always gone as I expected. But I can say that "He knows the expanse of my soul, and will not stretch me beyond what I can bear." I can say that His grace is sufficient. I can say that He has led me well.

As we move into 2011, may God richly bless you, may His beauty rest upon you, may His grace sustain you, and may you know more and more of His immense love for you.

"May the beauty of the Lord our God rest upon us,
and may He establish the work of our hands for us."
~Psalm 90:17


  1. It's really pretty, Meagan. Where is it?

  2. It is at Glacier National Park in Montana.