Monday, September 27, 2010

Professional Shoot I Terri Quimby

A few months ago, my aunt, Terri Quimby, called me and said that the school that she is going to for her master's degree wanted to put her picture on one of their billboards. So, we scheduled a photo-shoot and got some pictures. Yesterday, I drove past the billboard. It's pretty cool! I was so happy it looked liked a "normal" billboard. =)

The actual billboard...this one is on 169 going south, right before 394.

 There is another one by 610 and 35W

Some more photos from the shoot...


  1. So, that's one of your images on the billboard?? Very cool! Do you get royalties?

  2. Yep, my image. No, I don't get royalties. =(

  3. Aww too bad. Great shots though Meagan. How much do you charge?

  4. Thanks, Lily. About how much I charge...good question, I wish I knew! =) That is something I am hopefully going to get figured out this weekend. When I do, I will put it on my website.