Monday, June 6, 2016

1,000 Gifts

"Our habits are us. The patterns of our lives reveal the form of our souls. Habits are small gears that leverage your life — and the habit of hope can resuscitate anything. Make gratitude your attitude of habit — there’s no other way to make joy your life."

3348. Shooting tips from the pro
3349. Cherry Berry after school
3350. Nightly games of cribbage
3351. A perfect spring day with the girls
3352. Playing four square
3353.  Bringing s treat to a little broken-armed Whit
3354. First softball game of the season
3355. Playing outside with my nanny kiddos
3356. Spring Swing shopping
3357. A 16-team softball tournament
3358. Money raised for missions
3359. Rain holding off for almost the whole day
3360. Family time
3361. Volleyball and cornhole
3362. Bonfires
3363. Laughing
3364. Swedish pancakes
3365. Almost the whole family, hanging out for the entire day
3366. The beauty of the national parks
3367. Afternoon naps
3368. Eating dinner outside
3369. Men and women who loved liberty more than life
3370. Having Dan home for the long weekend
3371. Whit spending a few days with us
3372. S'mores
3373. Music around the fire
3374. The traditional after the book sale stop at Dairy Queen
3375. Sleeping with windows open
3376. Wedding shooting
3377. Sun breaking through clouds
3378. The sun setting over wide open fields

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