Monday, May 16, 2016

1,000 Gifts

"Love is always for us. God is always good and we are always loved. That defines everything. Everything."

3330. The smell of fresh-cut grass
3331. Monday night volleyball
3332. A new girls night series
3333. Sunshine
3334. Spring everywhere
3335. Coffee and lunch and good conversation with Christina
3336. Hanging out with the Strommes for moving weekend
3337. The first 5K of the season...running for LIFE!
3338. Mother's Day
3339. My amazing Mama-Bear
3340. Fresh flowers on the table
3341. Mini cheesecakes
3342. A package from Lydia
3343. Baking with Whitney
3344. A night at the gun range with Bri
3345. Cribbage with the fam
3346. Shooting a wedding
3347. {A challenging listen}

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