Monday, May 2, 2016

1,000 Gifts

"My truest calling as a follower of Jesus is to love God fully and others fully. How much more to show that than giving them my full attention when present with them? Because this is the place where our lives and God’s purposes intersect. This one life we’ve been given. How will we use it today?"

3295. {Psalm 37}
3296. Flowers budding
3297. The smell of spring
3298. A weekend in Duluth with Mom and Dad
3299. Ella and Whitney's drama night
3300. Getting off work early on a beautiful spring evening
3301. Sunday night game nights
3302. Dinner with Lois
3303. Volleyball
3304. {Psalm 16}
3305. Friends being safe in the Ecuador earthquake
3306. Spring rain
3307. Tulips in bloom
3308. Sleeping with the windows open
3309. Good deals on fabric
3310. Girls night
3311. Chatting with Danni
3312. Listening to Bri talk about the Iraq War
3313. Lunch money from mom
3314. Burgers with fried egg and avacado
3315. Visiting Lydia!
3316. Frappuuccinos
3317. Small towns
3318. Sight and Sound Theater
3319. God's relentless grace
3320. {Hebrews 11}
3321.Gluten free snacks
3322. Outlet mall shopping
3323. Ice cream and walking around Gettysburg
3324. Pennsylvania in the spring
3325. Movie night with kettle corn and chocolate covered almonds
3326. Ultimate frisbee
3327. Playing Dutch Blitz
3328. Airport "see you laters"
3329. Coming home

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