Monday, April 11, 2016

1,000 Gifts

"(God) says to us, You know what? I have dreams for you and they are good, but they likely are not what you’ve envisioned. But with every little bit that we loosen our white-knuckle grip on control, God moves..."

3275. Easter dinner with the family
3276. Wedding planning
3277. Coffee with Dena
3278. Pizza and movie night with Priscilla and Alyssa
3279. Lunch with the girls
3280. Bridesmaid dress shopping
3281. Picking out clothes for my little Compassion girl
3282. Sparkly shoes
3283. Sunday night dinner
3284. Playing games
3285. Chatting with Rachel
3286. Being back in Spanish classes
3287. Long runs
3288. Talking with Dan
3289. Spending a night with the little girls
3290. A "slow season" photo shoot
3291. Dad doing my taxes
3292. Finishing up writing/editing the GE curriculum
3293. A new series for 'girls' night'
3294. A letter from my newest little Compassion girl in Ecuador

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