Monday, February 22, 2016

1,000 Gifts

Courage is what is elemental to living — composed of two parts fierce hope, and one part wild believingIt’s hope that can create a quake that cracks all despair. It’s hope that stands in your dark with a lamp lit with prayers. And it isn’t the likelihood of your hope that sustains you, but the object of your hope that sustains you. We lay our hope, full and tender, into the depths of Him.”  

4166. A weekend with Dan
4167. Antiquing
4168. Rube Dube!
4169. Going to a movie with the fam
4170. The bravery of the US military
4171. A hamburger with egg on it
4172. Frozen yogurt
4173. Praying with mom
4174. Sunshine
4175. Melting snow
4176. Chats with Rachel
4177. Going for a run in a t-shirt
4178. Coffee with AnaLise
4179. A weekend with the girlies
4180. Crafting together
4181. Lunch with the Stromme girls
4182. Waffles and nutella and strawberries
4183. {love the life you never wanted}
4184. {this song. on repeat}

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