Monday, December 14, 2015

1,000 Gifts

"The very least you can do with your life is welcome in Hope. And He has a name. And the very best you can do with your life is build a life with Hope."

3873. {C.S. Lewis on the Incarnation}
3874. Tacos and root beer floats
3875. Sunday night Boggle
3876. New dresses
3877. An open sunroof
3878. Running errands in a sweatshirt
3879. Merry Christmases everywhere
3880. "Shopping" with mom and Dyna via text message
3881. Ecuador donations
3882. Mom getting up to make me cocoa before work
3883. Uno with Grace
3884. "The pillow game" with the little crazies
3885. {Heaven's love reaching down to save the world}
3886. An Easter egg sunrise
3887. December rain
3888. God with us
3889. Wrapping presents with Christmas music playing in the background
3890. The setting sun
3891. Bare trees
3892. Last minute photo shoots
3893. Candy making
3894. Advent devotionals
3895. {O come o come Emmanuel}
3896. A fun new coffee shop
3897. The little girls' Christmas program
3898. Ginger bread house making
3899. Church bells ringing
3900. Stringing for Erin's tree, listening to Christmas stories
3901. Dinner at "Peppers"
3902. Looking at Christmas lights
3903. Watching the Grinch with the girls

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