Monday, December 7, 2015

1,000 Gifts

"We only find out where we are when we find out where He is. All our moments, all our waking -all the globe is a looking glass to God, and the wise keep seeking the presence of Christ in a thousand places..."

3805. Birthday cards, calls, texts, messages, and snap chats from all over the world
3806. Running in shorts and a t-shirt on November 15
3807. Homemade pizza
3808. Gluten-free angel food cake
3809. Owl presents
3810. Apps at Applebees with Marie
3811. Fresh baked chocolate chip cookies
3812. Late night premiere of The Mockingjay
3813. {The greatest thing you could do today}
3814. A phone call with Leah
3815. Stormclouds
3816. Late November thunderstorms
3817. A box full of birthday surprises from Danielle
3818. Brilliant sunsets through bare trees
3819. Coffee with mom
3820. Lunch with Grace
3821. A trip to the conservatory on a cold afternoon
3822. A fun bracelet from Bri
3823. An Ecuador necklace in the mail
3824. An evening with the Johannsens
3825. Playing charades and tickle monster with the kiddos
3826. Chatting with Danielle
3827. Afternoons in the kitchen
3828. Dad fixing my flat tire
3829. Catching up with Rachel
3830. A weekend with little girls
3831. The Peanuts Movie
3832. Steaks on the grill
3833. Dad on his birthday
3834. Finishing my Spanish class
3835. A brother safely home
3836. Watching the little girls run in and hug Uncle Danny
3837. Thanksgiving
3838. Loaded tables and being surrounded by family
3839. Mercies that are new every morning
3840. Playing games
3841. Black Friday shopping
3842. Wild rice soup
3843. Late night movies with the fam
3844. A quick photoshoot
3845. Overlooking downtown Saint Paul at the golden hour
3846. Setting up the Christmas village with Dan
3847. Family dinners, celebrating birthdays
3848. All of us being together for the first time since August
3849. Looking through the Ecuador photo book
3850. Zantigos for lunch before Dan left
3851. The first snowflakes of winter
3852. Brothers who scrape snow off cars
3853. Trading autumn decorations for Christmas
3854. Christmas music floating through the air
3854. "The hopes and fears of all the years are met in Thee tonight"
3856. This advent season
3857. The familiar sound of "silver bells" ringing outside of stores
3858. Christmas lights
3859. Candles in windows
3860. Thursday mornings with Whitney and Bri
3861. "Pull the car over and get out of the car to take a picture" kind of sunsets
3862. The promise that what is broken won't forever be
3863. Planning winter adventures
3864. Ecuador plane tickets booked
3865. Making wreath cookies with the girlies
3866. Green tongues
3867. Girls night
3868. Wrapping up presents
3869. The traditional baking weekend with mom
3870. Recipes passed down through generations
3871. Stirring up, rolling out, sprinkling on
3872. A shelf, filler with cookie tins

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