Monday, November 16, 2015

1,000 Gifts

"If you don't recognize the worth of the masterpiece you already have - 
you can waste your life looking for more that doesn't matter."

3765. Hamburgers off the grill
3766. Final photoshoot of the fall
3767. Morning runs
3768. Pumpkins piled on doorsteps
3769. The last of the autumn leaves hanging on the trees
3770. This "Summer" that keeps hanging on
3771. Geese flying south
3772. The crunch of leaves underfoot
3773. Sunny days
3774. {The lines have fallen in pleasant places}
3775. Flip flops in November
3776. An open sunroof
3777. Starting an internship with Global Encounters
3778. Operation Christmas Child shoebox shopping
3779. Seeing a brother so happy
3780. Family Friday night
3781. A bonfire on a chilly fall evening
3782. Having Leah home
3783. Little girls sleeping over
3784. {Now to Him who is able to do exceedingly abundantly above...}
3785. Signing up to go back to Ecuador!
3786. Visiting with Christina and little Elizabeth
3787. Lunch with Mom at the Afro Deli
3788. {Then Your spirit gave me life, opened up Your word to me...}
3789. Sunday naps
3790. Afternoon runs
3791. November thunderstorms
3792. Little boys who are so quiet and cuddly after nap time
3793. The men and women who serve our country
3794. Thursday lunch with Bri and Whittie
3795. A little owl to add to my collection
3796. Grand Avenue shopping
3797. Punch Pizza
3798. Starbucks
3799. Turn Style finds
3800. An afternoon with Mom
3801. Staying up late to watch Columbo
3802. Ice packs and neck rubs to relieve headaches
3803. Breakfast and catching up with Phil and Jess
3804. Gluten free pancakes

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