Monday, November 2, 2015

1,000 Gifts

"We only rise because of the Gospel — that astonishing news that grace grabbed the unworthy and Christ cleans the unbearable and God redeems the unlikely and we live the unexpected. The grace we’ve received from the heart of God is the grace that extends our arms to the world."

3729. An afternoon with the Mackenzies
3730. Watching "My Fair Lady" in theater
3731. Dinner at Applebees
3732. Game night with Danielle
3733. Award travel
3734. Airport Starbucks runs
3735. Familiar faces at the airport
3736. Reuniting with Ecuador teammates
3737. Passion4Christ Summit
3738. Rooming with Lydia
3739. Good teaching
3740. Dressing up
3741. Zip lining
3742. Being reminded that eternity is for real. Live accordingly.
3743. Voices raised in worship
3744. Golden leaves everywhere
3745. Midnight snacks
3746. Hair parties with Danielle
3747. Lunch with Jesus
3748. Seeing Dan!
3749. The best volleyball team
3750. Talks with Carissa
3751. Kayaking with Alyssa
3752. Essential Oils
3753. Fellowship with like-minded friends
3754. The awesome and holy God we serve
3755. Dan driving me to the airport
3756. This sermon. How great is our God. 
3757. Family Bible study
3758. Ella's speech meet
3759. Spur of the moment lunch with Mom, Dyna, Michelle, and Marie
3760. Dinner with the Kanowitzs
3761. Catching up with Nikkia
3762. End of year planning
3763. An extra hour of sleep
3764. Chatting with Rachel

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