Monday, October 19, 2015

1,000 Gifts

"The mercies of God cannot and will not fail 
and His faithfulness is not merely great–  it is unwavering."

3707. Sunday afternoon naps
3708. Crisp autumn air
3709. Leaves turning colors
3710. The smell of a bon fire
3711. Little girls playing in the backyard
3712. {He is worthy of our hopes and dreams}
3713. Autumn skies
3714. Fabulous photoshoot weather
3715. Friday night family dinner
3716. Michelle home for the weekend
3717. An afternoon with Marie
3718. Cousins coming to my hair rescue
3719. Dinner with Priscilla and Alyssa
3720. {If we can keep our minds and hearts on His will, everything else will flow from that}
3721. Walking kids to and from school
3722. The Hope of the Gospel
3723. Putting orders in the mail
3724. MEA weekend with the girlies
3725. Thursdays in the kitchen
3726. Coffee with Dena
3727. Dinner with Kara and the Sands
3728. A surprise gift in the mail

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