Monday, October 5, 2015

1,000 Gifts

"A million little things will happen this week — and there are always really only Two Choices:  You get to decide whether you want to Complain.  Or whether you want Communion. Holy joy lies in the habit of murmuring thanks to God for the smallest of graces."

3665. Leaves rustling in the wind
3666. Morning light streaming through the windows
3667. Quiet morning quiet times
3668. My sister-in-law Dana on her birthday
3669. Spanish class
3670. Peaches in the freezer, ready for winter
3671. Watching the sun come up
3672. Early morning runs
3673. Beautiful last summer days
3674. Adventuring
3675. Making pies
3676. Friends getting married
3677. Pennants hanging from clotheslines
3678. A picture perfect wedding to photograph
3679. The setting sun turning the world golden
3680. Driving to Vermont for the afternoon
3681. Late night cribbage with Danielle
3682. Early morning coffee
3683. Traveling with mom
3684. Plane rides
3685. Friendships that have spanned generations
3686. Final softball games of the season
3687. Meeting Baby Elizabeth
3688. And chatting with her mommy
3689. Lunch with Allie
3690. A Saturday morning drive through the heartland...watching fog roll back and the sun come up
3691. Catching up with Rachel...
3692. ...and Ari
3693. God's faithfulness to Israel
3694. Whitney Erin on her 5th birthday
3695. A beautiful autumn night spent around a bonfire with family
3696. Skyping with Dan
3697. The blood moon
3698. Cool breezes
3699. Quiet afternoons
3700. Balloons in the sky
3701. A sister in Heaven
3702. The promise of eternity
3703. A trip to the zoo with Max
3704. Afternoons in the kitchen
3705. A little running buddy
3706. A weekend spent with the girlies and Brian

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