Monday, August 31, 2015

1,000 Gifts

"In every season, we can trust that He is good, because we know He always is. But in summer, this summer, in the midst of her unexpected storms and beautiful miracles, I could feel His goodness surely. He goes before and behind and He is always faithful."

3629. Family photos
3630. An afternoon at Bri and Dana's
3631. The two weeks of fun we had with Dan home
3632. A safe drive back to Michigan for Dan
3633. Dinner and trip stories with Phil and Jess
3634. Andy on his birthday
3635. Cribbage games
3636. A picnic lunch with the girls
3637. Como Town
3638. Little Whit being a trooper with her broken arm
3639. A day with mom
3640. Panda Express and Starbucks
3641. Cool running weather
3642. Cleaning out
3643. A Saturday at home
3644. A trip to the Farmer's Market
3645. Dinner outside

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