Monday, May 18, 2015

1,000 Gifts

"Everywhere we look, God is speaking to us. His creation is singing to us. The Heavens are shouting it out. It’s not what it looks like! There is hope beyond the walls of the world!"

3325. Spring storms
3326. Flowering trees
3327. Thunder
3328. The rain turning everything green
3329. Lilacs blooming
3330. The smell of freshly cut grass
3331. Softball
3332. The thin blue line
3333. Lunch and errands with mom
3334. A phone call from Dan
3335. Holding a newborn baby
3336. A friend graduating
3337. {I have called you friends}
3338. An afternoon run
3339. A letter from my Compassion girl in India
3340. {His going forth is established as the morning}
3341. {He will come to us like the rain}

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