Monday, May 11, 2015

1,000 Gifts

Darkness can never travel as fast as Light. No matter how bad things get, no matter how black the dark seeps in, no matter the depths of the night — the dark can never travel as fast as Light. The Light is always there first, waiting to shatter the dark. You can always hold His Word like a ball of light right there your hand, right up there next to your warming heart. You can always count on it: Jesus is bendable Light, warmth around every unexpected corner.

3304. Watching the sunset through my rear view mirror
3305. Girls night with Jess
3306. Blowing bubbles
3307. Helping with homework
3308. Road trippin' to Michigan
3309. Ruby travels
3310. Movie nights with my mum
3311. Chasing the sun
3312. Hanging out with Dan
3313. Gelato for lunch
3314. Exploring new towns
3315. Window shopping
3316. Books on tape
3317. The sound of the rain on the windows
3318. Lighthouses
3319. Late night coffee from Brew + a walk down the river
3320. Sleeping with the windows open
3321. Walks through the sand dunes
3322. Buffet dinner
3323. Ruby's romping
3324. Breakfast at Bud's
3325. {Airport Joy}
3326. Hearing Jordan's song
3327. An evening with friends
3328. Dinner with the Stewarts
3329. Coffee with Allie
3330. Trampoline jumping
3331. {Just keep running}
3332. The men and women who wear the badge
3333. My beautiful mom on Mother's day
3324. {Thanks, Mom}


  1. { Airport Joy } :) loved that article so much and figured you would too!! :)

  2. We loved seeing you Meagan!! Just a little while now, and we'll be together for three weeks. :)