Wednesday, April 8, 2015

#WanschurasHopThePond: Iceland Part 3- Thingvellir National Park

We spent our last full day in Iceland exploring Thingvellir National Park.

The geyser erupted several times in the time we were there.

The waterfall there was incredible! What a monstrous display of power.

I was so glad to see the sun show its face!

Waterfall selfie! :)

The landscape reminded us of something out of middle-earth

Icelandic ponies roamed the countryside - wild and free

 As day turned to dusk, we decided to stay in the middle of nowhere and hope to see some northern lights. We were not to be disappointed...

What a show they put on for us

I'll never forget our last night in Iceland, sitting on the car, watching the sky dance.

Saturday morning we did some souvenir shopping in Reykjavik, took one last look at the ocean, grabbed some lunch, and turned the car back in the direction of the airport. Our trip across the pond had come to an end. 

What a gift it was to explore parts of Europe with my brother. From castles and palaces to waterfalls and northern lights, many memories were made that will last a lifetime. 
Europe - you were everything we had dreamed of. Until next time...

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  1. Your photos are so stunning!!!!! The waterfalls. <3 I am in love with the one of the sunrays shining ono the road. Excellent work. Loved taking a peek at Iceland through your photos. I am going to have to visit Iceland someday. Thank you for sharing glimpses of your travels.