Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Adventuring: Texas Trip

My first adventure of 2015 started off with a 5am flight and watching the sun rise from above the clouds...

...a layover in Charlotte (definitely on the way to Texas, right?!)...

...and finally reunited with my Leah friend in Houston. Leah and I are Thailand buddies. We bonded on the 20+ hours of travel time from Chicago to Bangkok. We hadn't seen each other since we said goodbye in the Seoul airport. What a blessing it was to be able to catch up in person!

We spent two days laughing, talking, playing games, looking at photos, and exploring downtown Houston. The green grass was a sight for this Minnesota girls' sore eyes. 

And of course we ate Pad Thai. And coconut ice cream. Because that's what we do together.

Leah, your steady friendship is a blessing. Next time you want to get out of the Texas heat, come enjoy Minnesota summer. :)

After I said goodbye to Leah, I took a short plane ride to Dallas for a girl's weekend. You know those friends that you can go months without seeing, and pick up right where you left off? These girls are those kinds of friends. 

Wallis is leaving in June to be a full time missionary in Romania. Much love and many prayers are going with her. I met Wallis at my first IPS class. She is such a vibrant example of loving Jesus and sharing His love to the nations. 

Four girls at Five Guys :)

We took the Dart train to downtown Dallas on Sunday afternoon and walked around a bit. We had fun with the metal artwork. :)

It's so much fun hanging out with other photographers.

Hannah, Haylee, Carissa, and Wallis - you are all such dear friends. I look forward to many more adventures together. 

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