Monday, March 9, 2015

1,000 Gifts

"That which we refuse to thank Christ for -- we refuse to believe Christ can redeem."

3172. Family dinner
3173. Clean eating
3174. Laundry and grocery shopping...getting back in the routine
3175. Salads with hard boiled eggs
3176. Little tiny snowflakes falling
3177. Card games with nanny kids
3178. Coconut chips
1379. Fresh fruit salad
3189. Tuesday night soccer with Luke
3181. Watching Ella's science presentation
3182. Mary Poppins at the Chanhassen
3183. An afternoon at home
3184. North and South girls movie night with mom
3185. Good days at work
3186. Errands with mom
3187. Steaks off the grill
3188. A beautiful sunset through the trees
3189. A sister-like cousin celebrating a birthday
3190. My cute little puppy
3191. A big flag waving in the wind
3192. Warmer weather
3193. Party supplies to send to Honduras

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