Monday, March 30, 2015

1,000 Gifts

"You will be most remembered — by what brought you most joy. The joy of the Lord is your strength and the person of Christ is your unassailable joy – and the battle for joy is nothing less than fighting the good fight of faith. Joy isn’t an optional feature to the Christian life — it’s the vital feature of the Christian life. Battle for joy or lose your life." 

3226. Words of appreciation shared over lunch
3227. Family around the dinner table
3228. A note from Ella
3229. Little people on Spring Break
3230. Donations in the mail for my Ecuador trip
3231. Snow softly falling...that melts by the end of the week
3232. {This beautiful song}
3233. Baking chocolate chip cookies with nanny kiddos
3234. {This convicting read}
3235. The setting sun shining through the glass on the window
3236. Cinderella with Hannah
3237. A Friday evening listening to Jerry Benjamin
3238. Downton Abbey nights with Mom
3239. An Easter doodle on my chalkboard
3240. A morning at Good Times Park
3241. {Because photos of waves never get old}

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