Monday, March 16, 2015

1,000 Gifts

"We are the Resurrection People and there is more happening than what seems and this is how to practice faith. Practice Smiling. Practice Joy. Practice counting gifts. The most brilliant way to live is to always look for the light."

3194. A day with family
3195. Looking at old slides
3196. Little girls giggling at bedtime
3197. Snowbanks turning into puddles
3198. Little girls who are still at Grammy's house when I come home from work
3199. Car windows rolled down
3200. Sunshine
3201. Birds singing
3202. Spring cleaning
3203. Wide open windows
3204. The first run of the season
3205. Packages ready to mail
3206. Family and friends that support me
3207. A new work schedule figured out
3208. Flowers in my Grandma's vase
3209. Cookies delivered to the Police
3210. An afternoon chat with Leah
3211. Dinner and games with Priscilla and Alyssa

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