Monday, March 2, 2015

1,000 Gifts

So go ahead — Dare to be brilliant — just seek the light in everything. Dare to believe joy is revolutionary: it goes straight against the way this dark world spins.  Light is always a radical thing in a dark world. Dare to Give Big because this is how you Live Big. Dare to believe that it’s only your own sacrifices that show up at your funeral. Dare not to quit when you're tired, but dare to quit when you're done. Dare to be grateful for every good thing. And dare to know it's all good. That's what God does: God works everything for good.

3134. Pulling out summer clothes and packing up suitcases
3135. Early morning flights
3136. Watching the sun rise from an airplane window
3137. Warm air
3140. Ocean in view
3141. A drive down the Florida Keys
3142. Coconut ice cream after lunch
3143. Key lime pie in Key West
3144. Watching a Key West Sunset
3145. Cuban style dinner
3146. Family time
3147. Cribbage games
3148. Dan's "surprise" visit
3149. A boat ride through the Everglades
3150. A sliver of the moon rising above the sea
3151.  Falling asleep to the sound of the ocean hitting the sand
3152. Picnic lunches
3153. An afternoon nap at the beach
3154. Sea shell hunting
3155. Fresh-fruit milkshakes
3156. Sunshine
3157. Fishing with the boys
3158. Watching the dolphins
3159. Sandcastles on the beach
3160. Izzes
3161. The way the light dances on the waves at Golden Hour
3162. Flip flops
3163. A fancy dinner out
3164. Releasing paper lanterns on the beach
3165. Rainy-day shopping
3166. Time with just mom and dad
3167. Watching the boys of summer
3168. One last stop for ice cream
3169. Parents who have always valued family vacations
3170. An aunt and uncle who took good care of a little puppy
3171. Picking up a little puppy who was very happy to see us

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