Monday, January 26, 2015

1,000 Gifts

"Because grace is who God is, grateful is who we are."

3054. Friends who take early morning airport runs in stride
3055. Watching the sun rise from above the clouds
3056. Window seats
3057. A brother and a puppy who pick me up from the airport
3058. Hugs upon arriving home
3059. A morning off school, spent playing games
3060. Fixing little heads of hair
3061. Left over Swedish pancakes for breakfast
3062. Nanny kid hugs
3063. A brother and a mom who drop me off at the airport
3064. A trip to see Jordan and Nikkia!
3065. Planes that arrive early
3066. Face to face hellos instead of over the phone or text message hellos
3067. Seeing a friend's apartment all settled
3068. A frozen yogurt excursion
3069. A drive up Highway 1
3070. A walk along the beach
3071. "Picnic" lunches
3072. Waves crashing against the sand
3073. A salt water breeze blowing my hair
3074. Palm trees
3075. The sun setting over the pier
3076. Thai dinner after a day at the beach
3077. Mountains meeting oceans
3078. Wearing flip-flops
3079. Homemade ice cream
3080. Leisurely Sunday afternoon walks
3081. The wonders of God's creation
3082. Exciting news from a friend
3083. Making dinner with Nikkia
3084. Boys vs. Girls Mille Bornes

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