Monday, January 19, 2015

1,000 Gifts

"The extraordinary things happen nowhere else but in the everyday, 
and today can always be the beginning."

3028. Board games in the mail
3029. Game night with Danielle
3030. A dad who gets up early to bring me to the airport
3031. A mom who leaves lunch money on my suitcase
3032. Strangers who help hoist my bags up into the overhead bins
3033. The first plane ride of 2015
3034. Sunrise from the sky
3035. Visiting Leah!
3036. Walks around Houston
3037. Cooking with Leah
3038. Green grass
3039. Pad Thai
3040. Coconut Ice cream
3041. Friendships that endure time and distance
3042. Meeting friends at the airport
3043. T-shirt weather
3044. Texas sunsets
3045. Four Girls at Five Guys
3046. A weekend with Carissa, Hannah, Haylee, and Wallis
3047. Laughing with friends
3048. Movie night
3049. A challenging and convicting sermon at church
3050. Walks around Dallas
3051. Thoughtful conversations
3052. IPS friendships
3053. Singing around the piano

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