Monday, January 12, 2015

1,000 Gifts

"Don't let the every day routines of life numb you out to the miracle of living every day."

3016. Catching up with friends
3017. A brother who starts my car for me so it's warm when I leave for work
3018. And another brother who installs new windshield wipers for me
3019. Thin lines of orange and yellow emerging from the sky at dawn
3020. Mrs. Wiesner's homemade meatloaf
3021. Games with Carol and Danielle
3022. Flowers on the table...reminders of spring on cold winter days
3023. A slow day at home
3024. Friday night cribbage
3025. Brown paper packages tied up in string
3026. A beautiful sunset
3027. {The earth that is full of His glory}

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