Monday, December 22, 2014

1,000 Gifts

"We get our Christmas miracle. We get God with us. He withholds no good thing from us. And the good things in life are not so much health but holiness, not so much the riches of this world but relationship with God, not so much our plans but His presence -- and He withholds no good thing from us because the greatest things aren't ever thingsHe doesn't withhold Jesus from us.  And no matter where we are -- we can always have as much of Jesus as we want. We can always have as much of God as we want."

2805. Christmas baking
2806. Scraping the pan and licking the spoon
2807. Green tongues
2808. "Twinsies" with Whit
2809. Rocking a little guy to sleep
2810. Go fish and War with Luke
2811. Two beautiful nieces
2812. Drinking hot cocoa with whipped cream on top
2813. Lunch and catching up with Christina
2814. "Iron-sharpening" friends
2815. Dad coming from work to look at my car
2816. Christmas letters written- faithfulness recalled and the year remembered
2817. Wrapping up surprises
2818. Outlet mall shopping with mom
2819. {Arise, shine for your light has come...}
2820. Ella's Christmas program
2821. Sitting around the table, sipping cocoa on a cold winter night
2822. {The people who walked in darkness have seen a great light}
2823. "Mild He lays His glory by, born that man no more may die..."
2824. A little Ella-elf making my bed
2825. Whit coming up and hugging my leg saying, "I love you auntie Meggie"
2826. Gingerbread house decorating
2827. Christmas traditions
2828. A lazy Saturday afternoon, watching Frozen with the girls
2829. A ticket to see a brother
2830. Window seats
2831. Chasing the sun to Denver
2832. Catching up with a Thailand friend
2833. A Danny hug after 9 weeks without one! :)
2834. Stars shining in a clear-Colorado sky
2835. Church at Ellerslie
2836. Watching Dan's graduation
2837.{He who promised will perform}
2838. The reminder that real gold fears no fire
2839. A safe drive through snow and over mountains
2840. Skiing at Vail
2841. Mountain top views
2842. The best ski buddies ever
2843. {Audacity to believe the His promises apply to me}
2844. Feeling small
2845. Seeing the great treasuries of snow
2846. Gluten free pizza
2847. An evening walk around Lionshead Village, followed by a warm drink
2848. The best "DOG" so far!
2849. The view from "Imperial Express"  - 12,840 feet high
2850. Long mountain ski runs
2851. Snow-crusted trees
2852. An injury-free ski trip
2853. Walking through a Narnia-like wonderland
2854. A 'one last time' opening night showing of the Hobbit
2855. A helpful hotel staff
2856. A mom who always picks me up after my travels
2857. A note from Ella, saying she missed me on the trolley ride
2858. Pulling in from work and seeing Dan's car in the driveway
2859. Having Dan home!!
2860. One last pot of homemade applesauce
2861. A letter from one of my little compassion girls
2862. The annual trip to the tree farm
2863. Dinner with the whole family around the table
2864. The Christmas tree glowing cheerily in the corner
2865. {Before the mountains were brought forth...You are God}

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