Wednesday, November 12, 2014

#WanschurasHopThePond: London Part 1

On Saturday morning, we took a coach from Bath to London. Once in London we did what every tourist has to do at least once - we took a cab to our hostel. And, like all good tourists, we took a selfie while doing it. ;)

Dan looking cool in one of the rail stations.

On Sunday morning, we headed to the Columbia Road Market. It was a little off the beaten path, but SO worth it.

Both sides of the street were lined with fresh cut flowers. 

It was a party for our eyes.

After the flower market, we went to the British Museum

The atrium inside cast some pretty cool shadows

The museum is almost overwhelming. There are artifacts from ancient civilization until present day, with separate rooms for each continent. 

The Rosetta Stone

Naturally there is a store devoted to umbrellas

We visited St. Paul's Cathedral on Sunday to take advantage of the free admission. The free organ concert we got to hear was an added bonus!

The saying goes, "London Bridge is falling down...", but it didn't look like it was in danger of falling down to me.

We ate dinner at a little bagel shop in this square

H.M.S. Bellfast - a ship during WWII

Double decker buses crossing London Bridge at Sunset. Perfection.

We wandered around for the rest of the evening. Walked by this cool building, "The Gherkin", an all glass office building.

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