Monday, October 13, 2014

1.000 Gifts

"We give thanks to God not because of how we feel – but because of Who He is. He who is grateful for little is given much laughter… and it's counting the ways He loves, this is what multiplies joy."

2618. A visit with Mrs. Wiessner
2619. Grilled dinner
2620. A night with cousins
2621. Swedish pancakes
2622. Playing violin for Sparky
2623. A brother's safe trip to Colorado
2624. An afternoon spent with my mom and aunt
2625. The promise of Heaven
2626. A chat with Nikkia
2627. Stars and wide open skies
2628. A full moon
2629. Storybook Lodge
2630. Phil and Jess
2631. Daniel and Christina
2632. Mike and Jessie
2633. A kayak ride on a perfect autumn afternoon
2634. Listening to Mr. Jarvis preach
2635. A good God who does good things
2636. Not having to hide when the storms come, but being able to turn and face the wind, knowing we are more than conquerors.
2637. Trees changing colors
2638. Staying up late playing Wizard and Take Two
2639. Catching up with Allie
2640. Practicing Trio again
2641. A drive along the North Shore
2642. An impromptu detour that took us to Betty's Pies
2643. {Autumn in all its beauty}

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