Monday, September 29, 2014

1,000 Gifts

"Say it again, like a refrain on repeat. In the whirl, circle thoughts around gratitude to Christ. Live concentrically. Go in circles around the right things. The way out of confusion is to concentrate: circle around Christ. Simplicity isn’t a matter of circumstances — it’s a matter of focus. Concentrate on Christ — and life becomes pure, concentrated joy."

2687. "Twinning" with a cousin
2688. Lawn bowling on a beautiful first day of Autumn
2689. A walk around Centennial Lakes
2690. Dinner and talking with the Outing Group
2691. Adventure planning
2692. {The un-rushed yes}
2693. Ella hugs
2694. Gorgeous photo shoot weather
2695. A puppy running to greet me when I come home
2696. {Faith can never have a non-response}
2697. Errands and dinner with mom
2698. Little Whitters on her 4th birthday

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