Monday, August 18, 2014

1,000 Gifts

"Be different and know everything you do matters. It’s what the Christ followers know: One man with God can change a culture. God didn’t put people in your path mostly for your convenience; He put you there for theirs. The only life worth living is the one lost."

2576. Burgers off the grill
2577. Monday night rainbows
2578. Dairy Queen after the last game of the TCBCSL season
2579. Psalm 103
2580. We can't stop the persecution, but we can pray...fabulous read
2581. Soaking up the sun with the little girlies at the splash pool
2582. {Another good read}
2583. An afternoon shopping with mom
2584. Lunch outside
2585. {These faces, and this project. Heart = Melted.}
2586. Flipping the page on my calendar and seeing the smiling faces of my little Thai girls
2587. A day full of sunshine, family, and softball

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