Monday, August 11, 2014

1,000 Gifts

"The world needs peacemakers who let the broken bits of their heart fill in all the cracked pieces & places in the world. The world needs prayer warriors who don’t see prayer as the least we can do but the most we can do — and then literally get down on their knees & pray us through this mess.  The world needs to hear a lot more good news — and maybe that starts with each of us beggars who've found bread sharing more of the sustenance of Good News. The news that there is a Wounded Healer who touches our scars with His scars and says, 'I know and I see and no matter how it seems, there’s more happening than you see, and this isn’t over yet.'"

2541. A photoshoot and ice cream with the Bergman Family
2542. A drive up North with two little girlies
2543. Tall pines
2544. Stars shining like thousands of diamonds flung across the night sky
2545. Campfire stories
2546. {Psalm 96}
2547. Camping with family
2548. A swim on a hot afternoon
2549. Fiddle Fest 2014
2550. Little girls twirling in an open field
2551. A van that kept running
2552. Making it to the airport in time to board my flight
2553. Being back at Bearing Precious Seed, El Paso
2554. A "Welcome Meagan" sign on my bed when I arrived late at night
2555. Assembling Bibles
2556. The promise that His Word will not return void
2557. Desert sunrises
2558. Walking the trash-ridden streets of Juarez, spreading the Hope of Jesus
2559. Rain clouds that turned to sunshine
2560. Safe border crossings
2561. Homemade pizza and ice cream sandwiches
2562. The look on little kids' faces when they watch the puppet shows
2563. Hearing people pray to receive Christ
2564. Big brown eyes
2565. Juarez sunsets
2566. New friends
2567. The amazing BPS staff
2568. Listening to testimonies of how God is working in people's lives
2569. A reminder that today is the only day we are promised to impact eternity
2570. Watching the Mexican church boldly sharing Jesus with their neighbors
2571. A safe flight home from El Paso
2572. My family and puppy waiting for me at the airport
2573. Sleeping in my own bed
2574. A game night with the Sands
2575. {How to really live}

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