Monday, June 9, 2014

1,000 Gifts

"Pain and joy are arteries of the same heart, and mourning and dancing are but one long movement in the symphony of God.", I promise that next week there will be some non-puppy photos. :)

2410. Bringing home our little pup
2411. A warm puppy sitting on my lap again
2412. Cool mornings
2413. Summer sheets
2414. Trampoline time with little people
2415. Introducing the little girls to little Ruby
2416. A moon shinning brightly through trees
2417. Windows open
2418. Cello lessons and wedding chatter
2419. {He Is}
2420. {The excellence of the power is of God and not of us}
2421. {This story}
2422. Remembering the brave boys who stormed the beaches of Normandy

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