Monday, June 16, 2014

1,000 Gifts

"We’re called to be about the serious business of joy — the art of celebration. And the art of celebration becomes a masterpiece on the canvas of storms. Always somewhere, somewhere, above the clouds, light never stops shining.It’s in the middle of drama that He can take our lines. It’s in the middle of drama that He can twist the plot and wring out grace. It’s in the middle of drama that Christ can play in ten thousand places. Storms can be a stage for epic light."

2423. Chipotle at the ballfield
2424. Cherry Berry
2425. My Danny brother on his birthday
2426. A puppy sleeping on my shoulder
2427. Playing outside with my little charges
2428. Lunch outside with the girlies
2429. Puzzles outside
2430. A chat with Leah...listening to her wedding plans :)
2431. Thunderstorms
2432. {and here your proud wave must stop}
2433. A cheerful little daisy on the deck
2434. Coffee with Allie
2435. Dinner with Priscilla and Alyssa
2436. Dan's safe return from Michigan

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