Monday, June 2, 2014

1,000 Gifts

Joys are always on their way to us, they are always traveling to us through the darkness of the night. There is never a night when they are not comingBecause there is never a night where joys are not coming to us, there is never a road that can’t arrive at Hope. Hope always has a cost and hope is always worth it, because who wants the cheap and deadened alternative? Hope fuels the soul to impossible places."

2388. A skype date with Carissa and Haylee
2389. A day to remember immense sacrifice
2390. {Remember}
2391. To fallen soldiers let us sing...
2392. The Star Spangled banner waving in the breeze
2393. First corn hole of the season
2394. An All-American BBQ
2395. Storm clouds clearing just long enough for a photoshoot
2396. A pillow fight with little girls
2397. Dresses arriving in time
2398. Lilacs that bloomed late this year
2399. A "hair and makeup test" evening
2400. Sarah altering my dress
2401. An afternoon hanging out with my Johannsen kiddos
2402. An impromptu sleepover on Christina's last night as a Hall
2403. Curling hair, and updos, and makeup, and all the excitement of getting ready for the wedding
2404. My beautiful friend Christina on her wedding day
2405. The gift of sister-friends
2406. A front row seat to a dear friend's marriage
2407. {The Basin and the towel}
2408."What makes life valuable is that it doesn't last forever. What makes it precious is that is ends."
2409. {The whole earth is full of His glory}

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