Monday, May 26, 2014

1,000 Gifts

We are all shards in a mosaic of Grace. It’s all I know: When we are in over our heads we touch the depths of God. Life is hard but we have A Rock. Life 100% guarantees you troubles but you have a 100% warranty that God is with you. Life is a battle — and Joy is a kind of courage and a smile slays all kind of dragons.

2373. A trip to pick out a puppy
2374. Puppy kisses
2375. Meeting the Josts of "Jostie Flicks" fame
2376. An evening catching up with  long time friends
2377. Playing games on a rainy Monday morning
2378. {Waiting is never a waste of time}
2379. All of us kids home for dinner
2380. Daniel 2:20-21
2381. A sprinkler to run through on my run
2382. Wrapping twine around balls for one friend's wedding, listening to another friend tell me her engagement story
2383. A homemade ice cream bar
2384. Praying for the bride to be
2385. A beautiful Memorial Day Saturday
2386. A day filled with softball
2387. Money raised for the Juarez Project

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